Draw Where you Want Better Bike Infrastructure

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Note this post was originally published on LinkedIn and is here as a retcon

As part of my internship with the Boston Cyclists Union, I developed an online crowdsourcing map where people who bike and folks who would like to bike can view existing infrastructure and draw in where they would like to see improvements. The front-end is Leaflet & Javascript with Mapbox Directions for route drawing and hosted on Github. The backend is CartoDB which is an awesome augmentation of PostGIS/PostgreSQL that gives you a lot for free.

'Route drawing gif'

Since the map was published on the BCU’s blog last Wednesday, we’ve received 350 submissions from 77 distinct individuals.

As we get more data, I’ll be analyzing submissions using CartoDB’s PostGIS tools to find which routes have the most submissions.

Want to participate? You can draw your own routes in here.

Want to bring this tool to your area? Get in touch with me. The code is open-source on github and everything is freely hosted.

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